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Ambassador Sullenberger Homecoming


“Leading up to the Landing”

Join us as we celebrate, welcome and honor a true American hero, Ambassador Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, during his homecoming parade and various dedicatory events. The day will be filled with heartfelt tributes, and opportunities to connect with the remarkable man who captured the nation’s heart with his extraordinary actions with landing on the Hudson.

10:00AM Homecoming Parade:

The day will begin with a parade on Main Street from the 700 block to Heritage Park. The parade will feature marching bands, community groups, military personnel, and more all coming together to express their gratitude to Ambassador Sullenberger for his heroic actions and lifetime of service.

10:30AM Mural Dedication:

Following the parade, we will gather at Heritage Park to have a mural ribbon cutting dedicated to Ambassador Sullenberger’s remarkable “Miracle on the Hudson” flight and his unwavering commitment to aviation safety. The mural will serve as a permanent tribute to his bravery and the lives he saved that fateful day.

11:30AM Book Signing & Uniform Dedication

Ambassador Sullenberger will be visiting Perrin Air Force Base Museum where he will be signing copies of his inspiring memoir. With a limited amount of time, he will only be able to sign 120 books which must be purchased in advance from Perrin Air Force Base Museum. The book recounts the incredible events of Flight 1549 and sharing his life’s journey. Additional signed copies of the book will be available to purchase after the event. Ambassador Sullenberger has generously donated his dress blues uniform to Perrin Air Force Base Museum. The uniform, which has become a symbol of hope and heroism, will be preserved and displayed for future generations to witness the impact of one man’s courage and dedication to his profession.

This event is open to the public, and we encourage everyone to come together as a community to honor this extraordinary individual who has inspired millions around the world.