7 New Restaurants in Denison to Try in 2024

Whether you’re in town for the first time or a local looking to discover something new, check out some of the newest restaurants in Denison!

  1. Deviled Egg Company
    • Address: 231 W Main Street
    The Deviled Egg Company is a haven for egg enthusiasts and comfort food lovers alike. Nestled on West Main Street, this charming eatery boasts a creative menu dedicated to the art of deviled eggs. With an array of unique toppings and flavor combinations, the Deviled Egg Company is redefining the way we enjoy this classic dish. Pick up a hand crafted cocktail while you’re there!
  2. Stafford House Provisions
    • Address: 101 E Main Street
    Take a stroll down to the historic Katy Depot and discover the culinary gem that is Stafford House Provisions. With a nearly endless wine menu, beautiful and tasty charcuterie boards, and a stunning backdrop with historic views of the railroad, you’ll love Stafford House and the friendly staff.
  3. 34 Chophouse and Doc’s Lounge
    • Address: 331 W Main Street
    For a taste of the modern steakhouse with historic roots, look no further than 34 Chophouse and Doc’s Lounge. Located on Main Street across from Heritage Park, this establishment combines the elegance of a traditional chophouse for a formal dining experience and the laid-back ambiance of a lounge for a more casual night. Inspired by 34th President of the United States, Denison-born Dwight D. Eisenhower, and gunslinger Doc Holliday himself, everyone will enjoy this downtown steakhouse.
  4. The Grill at 84 West
    • Address: 5216 FM 84
    Head in the direction of Lake Texoma and discover The Grill at 84 West, where culinary expertise meets a relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant is a haven for foodies seeking a diverse menu with options ranging from mouthwatering steaks to fresh seafood. The Grill at 84 West is a perfect spot for a delightful meal with family and friends.
  5. The Parlor Room
    • Address: 1711 Harbor Rd
    A new addition to The Point Restaurant, The Parlor Room is a fun spot to enjoy the big game on one of the many TV screens, play billiards or classic arcade games, and order hand crafted cocktails. Enjoy the menu you know and love from The Point and even more scenic views of Lake Texoma.
  6. The Usual Food Co (located inside 410 Collective + Coffee)
    • Address: 410 W Main Street
    Situated within the vibrant 410 Collective + Coffee space, The Usual Food Co offers breakfast and lunch with all the best vibes of downtown Denison. Enjoy breakfast tacos and some of the best Sammy’s in town.
  7. Kickback’s Backyard
    • Address: 1721 S Armstrong Ave
    With free billiards, open mic nights, cocktails and pizza, everyone will enjoy a night out at Kickback’s Backyard.

In conclusion, Denison’s culinary scene has never been more exciting, and these seven new restaurants are leading the charge in 2024. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor eager to explore Denison’s gastronomic delights, these establishments promise a culinary journey that will leave you craving more. Happy dining!